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What we do.


Strategies that fit your life – and your career.


Every stage of your financial life will have a unique focus. We have been working with dental and medical practitioners since 1959. Our advice is designed to provide the guidance appropriate to your stage of career:

As a new practitioner - just out of residency, you will benefit from advice on how to transition into your new career. We pay particular attention to risk management, debt reduction, and helping you establish emergency reserves.

As an emerging practitioner – a year or more in practice – you will have settled into your new career and may have questions around buying a practice, setting up a retirement plan, and protecting your income.

As an established practitioner – you will often seek advice regarding suitable savings vehicles that are both tax-savvy and will help you meet your longer term goals.

As you approach retirement - you will need to know how you will be able to retire, and how and when to exit your practice or leave your job. At this stage it is critical to have a strategy in place that yields sustainable retirement income.

Our services include: